Top 15 Illuminati Members in Nigeria (Photos)

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Illuminati members in Nigeria

Who amongst Nigerian celebrities can be called an Illuminati member? Illuminati members in Nigeria may have taken all industry of music and entertainment. It`s the most powerful secret cult in the world. According to some sources, Illuminati took control over many independent countries. Members of many political organisations in the world are considered to be members of Illuminati. Therefore, it`s only the matter of time when the whole planet might be covered with Illuminati governments. They have one total goal for all people of the world. It`s to unite them under the control of one government.



What is Illuminati?

What is Illuminati?


Illuminati is a secret organisation that have one goal – control humanity at all cost. They provide much power, fame and other treasures to people, but everything has its price. Therefore, if you have a desire to become a member of Illuminati, then you might need to pay for the ticket one from the list of Illuminati members in Nigeria. Illuminati is provided with their names from the word Illumination. They may tell that this word is connected with light, but it`s quite possible that this word is connected with Devil. As it`s written in the Bible, Lucifer was given his name because he was the lightest angel in the army of God. Nevertheless, he managed to betray God and become Devil.

How can you become Illuminati?

How can you become Illuminati?

Can you believe that there are Illuminati members in Nollywood? Or there are Illuminati members in Nigeria music industry? Do you have a desire to become one of them? Then you need to be able to provide one of the next services:

  • You need to be rich and provide more than one-million-dollar income per year
  • You should be influential. It means that your word should have some meaning in the world.
  • You should be a member of one of the most influential families of the world.
  • You should be ready to serve to the causes of Illuminati no matter the price.

Nevertheless, if you have no money to become one of the Illuminati members in Nigeria, then you need to go through all stages of becoming this member. You should remember that you might pay very high price. It can be even called a blood price. If you desire, you might need to go through all the sufferings provided to the lower members of Illuminati order. You might become one of the servants in the great Illuminati pyramid. Still, you might get a chance to become one of the rich members if you prove that you are worthy.

Illuminati member in Nigeria list


D`Banj illuminati

The first famous Illuminati member in Nigeria is D`Banj. He might be called the most welcomed guest in any Nigerian Nightclub. Nevertheless, he might also be called the most favourite person in Nigeria. He has over one million followers on his Facebook page. Therefore, he can perfectly spread the influence of Illuminati in the minds of young Nigerians. It can also be sad that his music is diabolic. D`Banj has many fans that love him and have a desire to follow his path. What can they say about D`Banj being one of the Illuminati members in Nigeria music industry?


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