9 Things We All Do But Do Not Admit Doing Them

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There are somethings we all do but never admits we do them,

These are some i could think of:

1) Farting in a crowded place and pretending someone else did it. 

2) Seeing a random person and imagining spending the rest of your life with them. (This is cool tho, cos i do it often )

3) Judging people on the basis of what they wear and look like. (Most people deny this but they do it subconsciously) 

4) Overthinking conversations after saying goodbye. 

5) You keep asking questions for the sake of continuing the conversation. 

6) Peeing in the shower. 

7) Farting loudly when no one is around. 

8) Taking a look at a guy/lady you find attractive. 

9) Watching P0rn  (anyone who says he/she doesn’t is most likely lying)! 

10) Pick their nose when you think no one’s looking.. Some people eat their snot, too. 

11) Fart and blame it on someone else 

12) Scratching your genital regions, then sniffing the smell on your fingers 

13) Bite your nails (at least a little nibble). Guys perhaps more than girls. 

14) Hate that one aunty / uncle / relative who constantly meddles in your life for no reason. In your mind, you’ve probably killed them a million times, with intricate methods and strategies. 

Kindly add yours in the comment section. 

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