#TheGiftedShow: The First Ever Gospel Talent Show In Nigeria Set To Take Over

FloRich Supreme Productions(FRSP) organizes its first and best Gospel Talent Show called The Gifted(TG).

The Gifted Show is a gospel reality talent show that identifies, celebrates and harness the potential talents
as well as intellectual abilities of anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, complexity etc, in Nigeria.

Unlike any other Talent Shows, The Figted Show brings on a new shift to what normally exist in the gospel
talent shows in Nigeria by inviting International Gospel Artists from America, Ghana, South Africa and other
countries , who will be teaming up with Nigeria’s Gospel Artists to make the judges/coaches for The Gifted

During the press conference which took place in Abuja on Friday, 16 February, 2018, it was stated that the show is international and after its launch and first season in Nigeria, Ghana would be the next host country, followed by South-Africa and other African countries follows, hence, hitting vast audiences across the globe.


The Gifted reality show will do more than just entertainment, it will be educative, informative and hope
filled. Contestant will be showcasing talents not just in Music alone but in Dance, Comedy, Spoken words,
Mass choir, and other related talents except Magic. No age limit for contestants or participants.

The show will be aired on Major TV stations across all states and on our social media platforms. Auditions
will be a the following locations: Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Ibadan and Enugu. The show will be
taking place in Lagos, Nigeria. The Winner will go home with cash prize of 5,000.000, Brand new car and a
commendation trophy, the ist runner up goes home with 3,000.000, the latest phone and a commendation trophy,
while the 2nd runner up goes home with 2,000.000 and a brand new TV. A total of 10million naira cash will be


Registration for Lagos Audition: 20-21st April, Ibadan: 27-28th April, Benin: 4-5th May, Port Harcourt:
11-12th May, Abuja 25-26th May.

Registration Fee: N3,000 for Single, N5,000 for group/team, N10,000 for Mass Choir.

See Photos From The Press Conference Below:












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