Every Progressive Iwo Youth Should Vote RAI – Yinka Rahman

 “Youth is the best time to be rich and also the best time to be poor” “Youth comes but once” Youth has no age”. The power of a community lies with the youths. Alas, majority of Nigerian youths don’t value this opportunity.

Here is an article to the entire progressive youths of Iwo Land. Being a youth equates having it all. The Bible says; “Old things are passed away”. Let’s embrace new things. Let’s embrace creativity. Let’s say bye bye to dogmatism. Let’s be progressive. Let’s be innovative. Let’s be unconventional.

One fact we all know is that Iwo is an ancient town. A very silent one until God bestowed unto them a vibrant and articulate King, who with the effective use of the media projected Iwo to the world. He (Oba Abdul Rasheed Adekanbi Telu 1) is indeed a blessing to Iwo town and also serves as a role model to everybody.

Dwelling into what made this quest easy for the king, we realize that it was due to his exposure. This in one reason or the other signifies that the more we have exposed people as leaders, the better.


Rufai Adeniyi Ismail aka RAI is indeed a God sent to the entire people of Iwo. It’s now left to them to embrace the blessing of God.

A progressive youth in Iwo should vote RAI. To face the fact, no one can stand boldly and say RAI is not fit to be a member of the House of Assembly.

His pedigree as an activist and political figure can not be overemphasized. Way back his days in Federal Polytechnic Offa, where he contested for the post of the SUG Vice President and he won. This shows he has a vast knowledge of how to govern.

His exposure in the United State will also make a great impact in the development of Iwo. It’s glaring that RAI is living a better life there in the states but being a philanthropist that he is, it’s impossible for him to have a rest of mind when his fellow townsmen are living below standard.

His philanthropism has started way back donkey years. He is the founder of RAI foundation where they render help to the needy. Everybody in Iwo knows RAI Foundation and many have benefited from it.

One day, I asked him why all these stress? He said; “it’s for the development of Iwo”. I saw the solemnity in him. I knew he was saying the truth. Then I took it up to myself that his project is mine. Every Progressive youth as I said should vote RAI.

This is not about party. It’s about RAI as a personality. This is about Progress.

Permit me to say this, if any youth in Iwo decides not to vote for RAI, then the youth is not an agent of progress.

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