RAI; THE RARE By Dotun Akinpelu

“RAI is home bake. RAI IS RARE. He stays abroad but lives at home”

Unarguably, Nigeria political market is polluted, not by politics itself but her players. It is designed to be managed by opportunists few living in the den at our collective expense.

Iwo, the presumed home of the progressives has missed the grip of electing competent individual to represent her. The best of the rare are not always given chance. We are unlucky to have capable, competent and trustworthy state honourables for years. Must the weakness persists unabated?

No, RAI THE RARE has come to end ineptitude representation. He is a thorough home baked, well bred and schooled in politics of growth and development. He is well exposed to international standard of administration and resources management. Despite his sojourn overseas, he is a grassroot mobilizer, community developer and instrumental to the birth of many socio elite clubs committed to the promotion of Iwoland kingdom. He co-established Iwoland Development Coalition (IDC) now under the watch of Mr. Adisa Adeniyi Kabiru-Kulukulu (FCA) and many other progressive clubs in the ancient city.

He is not rich but wealthy. I’ve witnessed countless occasions where he contributed to assist students who could not afford to meet up with school fees payment, donated generously to orphanage homes, building of hospitals, road rehabilitations and many more.

Out of all those jostling to represent Iwo Local Government at the Osun State House of Assembly, Alh. Adeniyi Ismail Rufai – RAI is rare, most enlightened, exposed, and with mental wherewithal to represent the good people of Iwo. He is rare and a blessing to get it right in our land for the first time.

A vote for RAI is a vote for true and genuine change in political atmosphere of Iwo Constituency and Iwo Land in particular.

Let’s vote wise, support and vote RAI.

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